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Graffo offices in Blackheath

Graffo is a company dedicated to
exceeding the expectations of its
customers. Total Quality Management is our foundation. 




About us

Graffo offers our clients a unique experience with never before seen, award winning solutions. Our competitive advantage lies with our rapid turnaround time from conceptual drafting to final production, as well as our revolutionary products. Graffo's Ultra Low Cost / Quick Deployment sites have won several global accolades and is the 'go to' choice for many top clients. Paired with our unique clamping brackets and other telecom solutions, we have become the preferred choice of several top mobile operators and other major telecom companies.

Graffo operates from two branches in South Africa : A prototyping facility and main office located at Blackheath, Cape Town, and our main production facility in Krugersdorp.

Graffo in action

Ultra Low Cost
  • Ultra Low Cost
  • Tower box
  • Tower / solar frame test
  • Mobile tower
  • Welding jig
  • International order

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